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What are Curls and How Can You Style Them?

by USAMA AHMAD 07 Nov 2022


Have you ever wondered what your hair looked like when you glanced in the mirror? If so, you are not alone. Many individuals are curious about how their hair appears and how it will seem after washing it. It might be difficult to determine how your hair will hold a style and how to utilize your tools effectively if it is curly. But don't worry! You may come to enjoy your curls with the correct knowledge, attention, and time.

Over 60 million Americans have natural hair as their primary kind, and among African-American women and men, curls are one of the most popular natural hairstyles. Most individuals find these waves of hair to be appealing for a variety of factors, including the fact that they come in different textures and lengths. Curly hair can be more difficult to style than other natural hair types since it tends to accumulate dirt more quickly than other hairstyles.


Generally speaking, curls are described as tightly coiled hair with strands that are irregularly shaped, including round, elliptical, and circular. Curls may be found in a variety of hair types, lengths, and colors, and they can be wavy or kinky. A hair segment that coils hyperactively around itself or other hairs is referred to as having a curl. This is usually inherited and may last a lifetime.


  • Continually use conditioner. Using too much shampoo might make your curls worse.

  • Use a hydrating shampoo. Without the accumulation of dry scalp, your curls will be softer and smoother.

  • If you're attempting to grow out your curls, stay away from heat tools. Heat damage to curls can result in frizz or kinks as well as damage to the hair shaft. 

  • Before washing your hair, stay away from fatty or hefty meals and beverages. Your curls will accumulate dirt as a result, making style difficult.


Undoubtedly one of the most attractive aspects of being Black in America is having curly hair. You are not required to put your hair up in a bun or straighten it every morning. Nobody is continually nagging you to style your hair in a different way. You should be pleased with your curls! - If you're a busy person who doesn't have much time to devote to your hair, the good news is that curly hair doesn't require much styling or upkeep.

Curly hair is quite strong and may endure for a very long time without breaking; all you have to do is wash, style, and go. In contrast to other hair types, it may take a little longer to style, but you won't have to worry about it falling out or breaking off as you do with straight hair.


Applying a product to the hair—typically a leave-in conditioner but sometimes a styling product—and then combing it through with a wide-tooth comb is the process of defining curls. By scrunching up your hair (either with your fingers or a scrunching tool) and raking your fingers over the curls to remove the extra product, you can define curls. You should carry out this procedure each time you wash your hair.

To assist your leave-in conditioner last longer, you may also try scrunching your damp hair with a towel. Use a leave-in conditioner with proteins to lessen knots as well. You might want to think about using a leave-in conditioner with these two advantages in mind because protein-rich products can help your hair appear glossier.


  • The most important piece of equipment for curling hair is a curling iron. Your hair receives rapid, powerful heating, allowing you to curl it without the need for products. All hair types can utilize this instrument, although curly hair benefits the most from its use.

  • A curling wand is a gadget that is similar to a curling iron but is designed to produce curls that appear more natural. It features a thin handle, an inch-long barrel, and a rounded barrel.

  • Hair dryer - Another item you may use for curly hair to swiftly and easily generate curls is a hair dryer. Although it works on all hair types, curly hair benefits the most from its use.


  • Phamily Hair Care Jar:  You can’t define curls without a leave-in conditioner for this you can use our  Phamily All-in-one  Hair Care Jar - Apply a sufficient amount of Phamily Hair Care product from roots to ends.

  • Dry your hair first. Hold the dryer about an inch away from your head and keep it moving back and forth so your curls don’t get fried

  • Style: Now just style your curly hair with the comb as you want.


Wrapped curls are created when you use a curling iron to wrap one strand of hair around another. It’s important to remember that wrap curls are not as crunchy as unprocessed curls, but they are more defined than loose curls. To create wrapped curls, start with damp hair.

Heat up your iron and then work the iron through your hair from the bottom of your hair up to the roots. Wrap one strand of hair around another, twisting it a quarter turn as you go. Continue wrapping your hair around the iron until all strands are curled to your desired shape. You can also add texture to your curls with the Phamily Hair Care Product.


Coiled curls are generally created with a curling wand. This type of curl is bouncy and requires less manipulation than other curls. To create coils, brush your hair before using a curling iron to remove any tangles. Once your hair is brushed, apply our All-in-one hair care product to reduce the build-up of any residue that may be on your hair. After applying the product start brushing your hair again to reduce the build-up of residue on your hair. Then, curl your hair with a curling iron or curling wand.


An afro-knot is a unique style where you wrap your hair around a section of a bobby pin to create a more natural, loose curl. Afro-knots are great for doing at home with little to no preparation. For an afro-knot, take a section of hair and wrap it around the bobby pin. Then, simply twist and wrap the ball pin around your hair. This knot can be worn up or down and should last at least an hour.


Don’t stress out if you are unsure of how to style your curls, or if you aren’t seeing the results you want. Take care of your hair and you will be fine. If you follow these guidelines, you will have great hair. There is no reason to be uncomfortable or ashamed of your curls. They are beautiful!

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