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Discover the New Way 4B and 4C Naturals Are Achieving Defined Curls with Just a Wash n Go

by Candice Roma 26 Jun 2018

Sistahs have been raving online about the new “beautician in a jar” Photogenic. This all-in-one moisturizer/sealer/styling gel works on all hair types (curly, kinky, permed, naturally straight, etc.), but the most dramatic effects have been for ladies with 4B and 4C textured hair who are discovering their curl pattern for the first time after using this product.

4B and 4C hair is normally characterized by a less defined curl pattern. Rather than the hair coiling into a curl, 4B and 4C naturals tend to experience a more Z-like pattern. It’s not that these hair types wouldn’t curl in the past, but it required additional styling in twists, curlformers, or perm rods or with heat to achieve. Photogenic provides a one-step process in which 4B/4C naturals can simply wash, apply, and go and still get super defined and moisture-rich curls.

Here is just a sample of what Photogenic users have been saying online:

“Took a risk and purchased 3 jars for my first order. Thankful [it’s] the real deal. In love. 4B or 4C hair [I don’t know.] For me my hair turned out the most defined on freshly washed hair…No disappointment here. From product junkie to Photogenic junkie.”


“I have super kinky 4B/4C hair....I've tried pretty much every gel and none of them ever worked on my hair & my hair ended up shrinking once again. However, I went to my friend's house yesterday & I was able to use Photogenic on my hair and my hair loves it! …I was able to slick back my hair with no water and even pull my hair into a little bun which I was never able to do! Plus my hair stayed slick and curly all night. For the 4B/4C sisters, I would definitely recommend this product. It smells so good and reduces shrinkage, moisturizes, leave your hair soft, and most of all it LASTS!! I will definitely be ordering some ASAP!"


“I just got the product on Saturday, and tried it for the first time on Monday morning. I applied to dry hair and wore my natural curls. Monday and Tuesday nights I decided to do a twist out on my bang. It's raining like crazy in NYC, but the hair didn't puff up. I can't believe my hair is staying defined and so soft (I have 4B and mostly 4C hair)!”


Photogenic marks the next stage in the natural hair revolution. Whatever your hair type, with Photogenic, naturals can achieve the same super defined curl results with just one product in only one step. To get your own jar and the curl results you’ve only dreamed of, visit

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