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“This began as a hobby, or rather a necessity,” joked the inventor of the revolutionary hair product, Emery McClendon. “No other hair products seemed to work well on my hair consistently, so I began developing my own. I would then make them for family and friends who complimented my hair. I knew my hair product worked great at styling all hair types because my circle is so diverse, but it wasn’t until I managed to regrow my hair with it, after noticing male pattern baldness in both the top-middle of my head and my front hairline in 2016, that I felt compelled to offer it to others.”

At the time, Emery was working for a huge international litigation law firm, in its San Diego office, focusing on complex antitrust litigation and class actions. Starting PHAMILY HAIR CARE was a huge career change, but Emery is used to it. Not only is he an attorney licensed to practice in several U.S. and international jurisdictions, but he has five degrees, including two master’s degrees and a doctorate.

He launched Photogenic Hair Care in 2017. It was a huge success! Emery jokes that the all-in-one hair care product that works on all hair types did less than $1,000 in sales in its first month, because people couldn’t wrap their heads around the concept that one product could replace all of their other hair products. But by its second year, the company had over a million dollars in annual sales, selling directly to consumers, exclusively from its website. Emery puts this down to great customer support and the product practically selling itself. “To date, we’ve had over 40,000 elated customers, and many are long-term repeat customers.”