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About Us



Phamily Hair Care has only one goal: to offer a complete hair care system in a jar. We aim to empower people to take proper care of their hair, no matter their needs or hair type, with one single product. One jar can replace all your hair care products — all of them — not just for you but for your whole family. We help you achieve your hair goals fast and nurture and grow your hair in the healthiest, most natural way possible.

This has been the vision of our CEO and inventor, Emery M. McClendon, Esq., for as long as he can remember. Emery always struggled to take proper care of his difficult-to-manage 4C hair. As time went by, he started to experience hair loss, and the first balding spots started to appear. Thus began Emery’s search for the proper formula to solve all his hair needs.

Fast-forward through a few years of meticulous study and research, and finally, the formula was complete. When Emery began using the product on himself, it transformed his hair and the balding spots began to disappear. His hair was growing back healthier than ever before; it was much easier to manage, and his complex hair routine was simplified, saving him time and effort.

Upon seeing Emery’s amazing transformation, his friends and family began to request the formula for themselves. These individuals had diverse hair types and needs, yet Emery’s product worked perfectly for each one of them. Emery had spent years perfecting this formula, and witnessing these amazing results for himself, his friends, and his family was the final proof Emery needed: he had created a product that could transform the hair care industry.

Emery knew he had a duty to bring his formula to the market to help others experience the same results that not only transformed his hair health but improved his life and renewed his confidence. Inspired, he decided to share his success.

Phamily Hair Care was created with this goal in mind. Its beginnings were humble, and it took a while for people to wrap their heads around the concept that one product could replace all others. From less than $1,000 in sales in the first month, the company grew to over a million dollars in sales by the end of the year. Emery puts this down to great customer support and the fact that the product was so useful and revolutionary, it was practically able to sell itself. To date, Phamily Hair Care has over 50,000 elated, repeating customers and an active online community where people can find the support they need.

Phamily Hair Care is formulated for all sexes, ages, and hair types, so that one product can serve your entire family. It conditions and styles your hair, while the nurturing formula creates an optimal environment for hair growth. It allows you to do any style — straight, wavy, curly, kinky, twists, dreads, and more. It also blends extensions with real hair better than any other hair product.

Having made its impact on the United States, Phamily Hair Care is now looking to bring this product to eager clients all over the world. We are working hard to expand to a worldwide distribution so people across the globe can join our Phamily!