About Us

Emery McClendon, Esq.

Photogenic may be a new revolutionary all-in-one hair care product, but it has been a lifetime in the making. Like all amazing things, Photogenic started with my grandmother. She’s 92 years young and for as long as I can remember she’s been producing homemade hair grease for the entire family. It makes everyone’s hair grow and look amazing, except mine. I couldn’t explain it, and nothing I purchased worked for me consistently. So that’s when I started my quest to develop a hair product that would work for me. I’ve been making my own hair products since I was a teen, and once I perfected the formula, I felt an obligation to offer it to others, because in making something that worked for myself, I created a product that worked for everyone with all different hair types.

From the beginning, hair for me has always been a family affair, and that continues today. The McClendon Company is majority run by members of my family, and that idea of family and community is one that I extend to everyone that I or Photogenic comes in contact with.

It is my life’s and company’s mission to make the world a better place by advancing the culture. Photogenic is just the first of many time-saving tools created by The McClendon Company. Why invest a whole day in washing and styling your hair, when you could spend a fraction of the time and use the rest being a great and powerful influence in the world?

I am an entertainment lawyer. I have five degrees, both Bachelors and Masters, but it is through my work with The McClendon Company, developing products, and interacting with our customers that I have found my purpose. It is my hope that Photogenic plays a role in helping you to find yours.

Emery McClendon
CEO of the McClendon Company and the Creator of Photogenic Hair Care