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PHamily Hair Care: A brand new approach to hair care and styling for every member of your household.

by Emery McClendon 26 Oct 2021

PHamily Hair Care is a family-run company focused on providing an effective, revolutionary, and convenient hair care and styling solution. What makes this product so special, you might ask? Let us dive a bit deeper. The hair care industry is usually pushing people to buy many different products for the care and styling of hair. Each person needs at least 2 to 3 bottles of incredibly expensive products to fulfill his or her styling needs daily. To add to that, most products on the markets don’t work for all sorts of people. As a result, people who live in the same household cannot share their haircare products with other family members! If you are tired of dealing with dozens of assorted flasks and bottles of random hair care products in your bathroom, you probably know what we’re talking about!

Our founder, Emery Mcclendon, was quite tired of this situation, and he felt frustrated that he couldn’t find an optimal solution for his hair care needs. No matter what he bought and the combination of products he used, he just couldn’t seem to find something quite perfect for his hair. Although he had a completely different background and worked a successful corporate legal job, Emery decided to dive headfirst into a new pursuit. Through a lot of trial and error, testing and experimentation, he finally cracked the code. He came up with a revolutionary hair care product, which worked wonders for his hair! Suddenly, his hair looked better than ever, and people started noticing, to the point that he would bring them in on the “secret” and let them try the formula first hand. It didn’t take long for Emery to figure out that this incredible new product wasn’t only great for himself. It worked amazingly on his friends and family members, even those belonging to different ethnic backgrounds, requiring different hair care routines.

Emery also noticed that the formula helped him solve the onset of hair loss, which he was starting to experience. Using this revitalizing product, his hair suddenly regained depth and size, looking as good and lush as ever. Emery realized that this product had a lot of potential because of how versatile and comprehensive it is. With PHamily Hair Care, it does not matter whether your hair is curly, straight, dry, or oilier. This product has been formulated in such a way that it works quite well in any situation. Therefore, it is perfect for people of all ages and backgrounds. Parents love it because it’s something that they can use for themselves and their kids as well! Many parents struggle to find great hair care products for their children, even more so in the case of families with adoptive children, who might share a different hair type that parents aren’t very used to dealing with. PHamily Hair Care eliminates all the unnecessary guesswork and helps parents with a dependable formula that just works!

This product is also convenient because it is also an all-in-one formula. It’s not just about styling your hair, but it’s also about giving your scalp the nutrients it needs to enhance its health and youthfulness! Launching a business was a bit of a challenge for Emery. He knew that he had a truly amazing product on hand, but the problem was that he had to tell people about it. Because of how the hair care industry is structured, most people didn’t quite understand how his product worked, struggling with the idea of “all-in-one.” After all, the market has forced people to buy multiple products for decades! Once the concept clicked with people, the doors became immediately wide open for PHamily Hair Care, and the company’s sales skyrocketed. Word of mouth from satisfied customers did the rest, and PHamily Hair Care managed to spread even further away, gaining a broader market share and a devoted following of returning customers. Many companies have made bold claims about “universal” hair care formulas, but almost all of them have fallen short of achieving their target throughout the years. Thankfully, PHamily Hair Care managed to fill in the gap and bring a truly valuable and much-needed alternative to the global haircare market. The company has made many online sales. It continues to sell its products directly to consumers, marketing through socials and generally developing very strong relationships with customers, who seem to be coming back time and time again.
Looking back, Emery is quite proud of what he managed to accomplish. Not only has he been able to make a significant difference in people’s hair health, but also people’s wallets! Before discovering PHamily Hair Care, his customers had to spend a lot of money purchasing various hair care products for all household members. Today, PHamily Hair Care is all they need, and it gets the job done seamlessly and without fail. Now armed with a fresh new brand fueled by the passion and care of a family business, PHamily Hair Care can’t wait to keep expanding and bringing its product to an even broader audience. This brand is an answer for all of those people out there calling for a much better and more sustainable hair care solution. If this sounds like you, the call’s been answered, and all you have to do is reach out!
Find out more about PHamily Hair Care, and don’t hesitate to get in touch if you want to learn more about this company or the remarkable new hair care and styling product it has developed and launched!

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