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"Photogenic Hair Care" announced its imminent rebrand: the business will be known as "PHamily Hair Care."

by Emery McClendon 12 Jun 2021
The new brand name marks the beginning of a new chapter for the family-run company.
PHamily Hair Care
Las Vegas, Nevada – June 11th, 2021 – “Photogenic Hair Care” is a business with a life-long focus on providing high-quality hair care services. Today, the company is ready to begin a brand new chapter in its story, and it all starts with embracing a brand new name: PHamily Hair Care.

Owner and revolutionary haircare specialist Emery McClendon has always been passionate about finding new ways for people to take care of their hair, achieving beauty and wellness regardless of their background. What started as a hobby and something to cater to a personal need eventually became a full-on quest for Emery, who had been struggling to find the right hair products for many years – and not for lack of trying! He tried a wide range of products out there, but he actually couldn’t really find anything that would work well on his hair type in a very consistent and reliable way. The natural step forward for Emery was to look into developing his own formula. He embarked on a journey that will lead him to develop a deeper understanding of hair and what makes it healthy and lush. It didn’t take long for people to start noticing Emery’s formula. Suddenly, he was getting a lot of compliments and positive feedback on his hair, so much so that he started to give his solution out to family members and close friends. Their feedback also was quite amazing, and it was a strong sign for Emery. Given the fact that his social circle was extremely diverse, it actually meant that his formula worked wonders for all sorts of hair types and not just his own. Things took on a different level when Emery eventually realized that this product wasn’t just great for styling hair: it helped him fight the onset of male pattern baldness on different areas of his head, and he eventually noticed that hair in the bald spots (especially in the top-middle and his front hairline) had actually grown back after using his product extensively. The journey to perfect the formula didn’t start with Emery: you could almost say that he had haircare in his genes from the start since even his grandmother had a penchant for making homemade hair grease which was way better than all of the commercial products that were available at the time. Eventually, Emery took on the same attitude and continued to experiment and research ingredients, coming up with what would be his defining invention.

This was something bigger than Emery and his community: it was something worth sharing with the whole world, leading Emery to launch his company and set the bar higher from the get-go. These were the first seeds of what would become PHamily Hair Care!

Getting started was not easy, and it meant that Emery had to make a choice and risk everything. He had a settled life, with a very enviable job and a successful legal career. Many people in his position would think twice before shifting their focus on a venture that had no guarantees, but Emery knew that he had something special, and he wanted to do something that was more than starting a company. He wanted to make an impact in the lives of people who would undoubtedly benefit from his innovative creation. As a licensed attorney and a holder of five degrees (including two master’s and even a doctorate), Emery was no stranger to working under pressure and face new challenges. At the end of the day, he knew that this was going to be worth the leap of faith, and things fell into place when he started his company in 2017. At the time, the brand was known as Photogenic Hair Care, and Emery marketed his formula. The first month was kind of groundbreaking. Initially, the product sales were moderately low, but this is because the brand had to face a “learning curve” on the market’s part. Up until then, customers were not used to successful all-in-one hair care products. This is the kind of industry that pushes people to buy a plethora of related products, compartmentalizing items in order to drive more sales. All-in-one products were not as common, so most customers were still struggling to understand the concept that this one item was literally all they needed to buy, regardless of their type of hair. However, customers caught up very quickly, and by the company’s second year of activity, Emery was able to make well over a million dollars in annual sales. The most impressive thing is the fact that he had accomplished all of that without even relying on retailers since the business was based on direct-to-customer sales from the company’s website. Because of the sheer quality and effectiveness of Emery’s products, the brand built very strong relationships with many customers, who kept returning over and over. The word “Family” is very loaded, and it holds a strong emotional meaning for most people, including Emery, who still feels very connected with his grandmother and the roots of the ongoing passion for haircare in his family. The new name, PHamily Hair Care, also highlights that this product isn’t just for people of a certain hair type: it works so seamlessly for everyone and can therefore serve an entire family. With a single jar, users can style their hair, and at the same time, they can give their hair all the nutrients that they need in order to increase the wellness and health of their hair, not to mention fostering resilience and growth. It doesn’t matter whether you have straight hair, curls, twists, or dreads: PHamily Hair Care’s formula is definitely going to be right up your alley!

Don’t know where to start? Don’t fret! PHamily Hair Care has prepared an insightful and amazing range of tutorials and instructional content, which aim to guide people in the process of using the product step-by-step. It couldn’t be easier as it is, and the company also provides a wealth of resources and access to a community of haircare experts and enthusiasts.

The company recently launched a brand new website, so check it out and find out more:

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